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Sunday 26th November 2022... Norihito Ishii and his group bring the 7th edition
to a close with La Légende d'Eer by Iannis Xenakis...


An unforgettable moment. Those Japanese really impressed us!
And I'm not the only one who was impressed, as the festival ended with a standing ovation...
So if there had been any inclination to stop this project - it can happen to think about it when you're organising, you know! -
they were shattered... And it was clear that we would do an 8th edition ;o)

We're sticking to the principle of a double call for entries, and there's no let-up there either.
We've received a lot of proposals: more and more over the years, and that too is very encouraging,
even if this means that we have to do a lot of work in the selection process,
and refusing to take on top-quality artists we know,
in order to be able to welcome new artists, because the festival is unfortunately not extensible
(16 creations in 5 days is already very dense!!)

The international character of this 8th edition is maintained and we will have artists from many countries:
USA, Japan, Australia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, England, Poland, Netherlands, Argentina, etc.

As for the music, we've selected an array of superb pieces
and we are impatient to be in the MOTUS acousmonium
to appreciate them in all their power and subtlety...

and of course to discover the incredible creations of the dancers!

This year the Circulus Planning association in Tokyo is partnering the project.
Circulus Planning organises butoh events in Japan.
It will be represented by Miyuki Iima (a student of Nobuo Harada), who will be coming especially for the festival.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the DRAC Ile de France, which is providing us with support for festivals.

Like last year, the festival will take place at the Aleph theatre in Ivry s /Seine from 22 to 26 November 2023.

We're really looking forward to it!

Detailled program here

Ticketing is open

Mai Nguyen Tri 2022 - photo Fabrice Pairault