International meetings between butoh dance and acousmatic music

The 9h of the 2015 edition in 9mn
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The best photos of 2015 & 2016 editions

This project born in 2015 creates a new practice : The originality is to "give to dance" a musical work composed for the acousmatic concert. This is a challenge for the dancer who shall 'embody' this music, create his space.
"The sound reveal the flesh, the flesh sublimate the sound" This is the challenge !

"EDITION 2018 : Step over the line"

We are going to the fourth edition !

The call of participation 2018 is open here.

Deadline for submission of proposition : 31th of march 2018.

Selection of propositions : 15th of april 2018.

Constitution of pairs : 1st of May 2018.

Rehersals in LE CUBE inside the MOTUS acousmonium : 23th to 27th of october 2018.

Public sessions : from 25th to 27th of october 2018.

Aventures Electro Acoustiques proposes to experience again 4 performances of the 1st edition in
a DVD sold 15€ in favour of the association and the artists who participed

Co-producers:                                                                         2016 Partnairs :