International meetings between butoh dance and acousmatic music

The Irène interviews (2018 edition)
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The best photos of previous editions

This project born in 2015 creates a new practice : The originality is to "give to dance" a musical work composed for the acousmatic concert. This is a real challenge for the dancer who shall interact with this music, to 'embody' or to oppose it to create his space. "The sound reveal the flesh, the flesh sublimate the sound" This is the challenge !

Contemporary dance / butoh dance / Performance meets acousmatic music

The edition 7 will be from the 23th to the 27th of November 2022
in the ALEPH theater at Ivry.

NEW : EDITO 2O22       PROGRAM 2O22       TICKETS are OPEN

Aventures Electro Acoustiques proposes to experience again 4 performances of the 1st edition in
a DVD sold 15€ in favour of the association and the artists who participed
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